Benjamin Rosemberg

Fell in love with photography when his renowned Parisian architect father gavehim his first camera at the age of 4, a magnificent Kodak Ektralite 400.

At the age of 16, when he received a Hasselblad 2000FC he realized thatphotography would be his life.
He began taking his first photos, using his friends as models and buildingstrong relationships with major modeling agencies in Paris.

A big turnover happened to Benjamin when at the age of 18 he went to the Dahinden Laboratory in Paris and bumped into Jean Paul Goude, one of the most renowned and visionary artists of the Parisian fashion and advertising scene.  After a few exchanges, Jean Paul invited Benjamin to join his team.

They collaborated for two years on prestigious projects, inspiring Benjamin to further develop his photographic technique by attending the renowned Gobelins School in Paris.

Since graduating, Benjamin signed projects with world leading fashion brands and collaborated with internationally renowned artists and magazines.

He is now based in Vancouver, BC and continues to work on projects for his clients across The United States and Paris.

His most important clients are  LVMH (LV, Dior, Chaumet, Patou, Givenchy,Sephora), Richemond group, Chanel, Les Editions Jalou, Conde Nast, AD, Zara, Veepee, Sarenza,  Auditoire, Google, YouTube, Red Bull, TikTok Europe, New Balance, Hoka, Nike,Maison Souquet, Jacques Garcia, Norman Foster, Volvo amongst others.

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